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Fans Quot Desperate Quot For The Housewives

The exhibition final was scheduled after the end of the 7th season in 2011, but now the shenanigans will continue for nine seasons.. Word is the case Wisteria Lane will be busy somewhat longer. Desperate Housewive creator Marc Cherry was celebrating on the set, telling the cast that the show was resumed for two more seasons.
12.12.08 17:20

Assistant Coach Kurt Rambis Blasts Lakers

Laker assistant coach Kurt Rambis had a few choice words about his team during Halftime of Wednesday 115-110 victory over visiting Phoenix Suns.The Laker looked sloppy once again on both ends of the court, Rambis and was not afraid of leaving FSN reporter Michael Eaves know Halftime:
12.12.08 17:20

Mobley Expected To Retire From Nba

Tests carried out by the Knicks discovered signs of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, said a source.. Mobley speculation about future has been swirling since he was traded from Los Angeles Clippers at New York last month. Cuttino Mobley, a Philadelphian who has played 11 seasons in NBA, should officially announce his withdrawal in New York press conference today.
12.12.08 17:21

Ufc News Meltzer Reports Ufc 91 Does One Million Buys

And with pay-per-view prices increased by 39 $. 33 million. Meltzer says that living through gate and pay-per-view revenues, UFC 66 would lead to $ 47. In this economy, the 800. UFC 91 has passed, thus bringing to about $ 50. 95 price UFC point 66 to $ 44. 21 million. 000 purchases could still have been seen as a resounding success, but actually pulled out the million mark. 95 per UFC 91, this show is actually the most profitable money drawing shows UFC history.
12.12.08 17:21

Patrick Swayze Swayze Slams Media Over His Cancer Fight Reports

Swayze, 56, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, to the beginning of this year, has disputed claims that it has been said goodbye to members of his family. Actor Patrick Swayze complaint has the means to signal that the cancer has spread, but also said that he is still fighting the good fight against the disease. His great sense of achievement to say youre gonna do something and do it, Fox News quoted him as saying. I am happy to be back home for the holidays.
12.12.08 17:22


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